For auctioneers, education shouldn’t end with simply meeting the statutory requirements for licensing, if any. Many states require auctioneers to submit a number of continuing education credits during the licensing cycle.

Even if your state doesn’t require licensing or continuing education, the budding auctioneer should still seek out opportunities to improve their skills. The industry is changing rapidly, particularly with the advent of online auctions, and the ability to “chant” well is increasingly taking a backseat to savvy marketing skills and prowess with new technology.

There are three sources of auctioneer-specific educational opportunities.

  • The National Auctioneers Association offers three educational opportunities per year. The annual Conference and Show offers a week filled with educational seminars, roundtables and workshops. In addition, the NAA offers two shorter regional seminars.
  • Second, the Auction Marketing Institute, an organization affiliated with the NAA, offers educational seminars and promotes the industry’s three most-recognized professional designations: Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI); Accredited Auctioneer, Real Estate (AARE); and Graduate, Personal Property Appraiser (GPPA).
  • Finally, many of the auction schools and programs offer classes for established organizations.

Where an auctioneer seeks continuing education credits can be dependent upon the state licensing board. Some states accept continuing education credits from a few sanctioned programs or institutions.

Courtesy of the National Auctioneers Association

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